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The Latest JBL Live 650BTNC Review

With regards to remote dynamic commotion dropping (ANC) earphones, everybody realizes that Bose and Sony rule the perch with the QC35 II and the WH-1000XM3. These earphones offer the best ANC earphones available, pass on, however at around $350 (£299, AU$400), they're not shoddy.

So shouldn't something be said about those of us who don't have that sort of cash to spend on earphones? All things considered, if your financial plan is half of that, there are a couple of strong choices like the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2, Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC, and now, the JBL Live 650BTNC.

For $200 (£180, AU$250), the JBL Live 650BTNC are an incredible equalization of sonic execution, battery life, highlights, and cost. For a large portion of the cost of what Sony and Bose charge, you get 80% of the execution. Subsequent to putting in half a month with them, we got ourselves not missing the more costly earphones.
jbl live 650btnc

Where the Sony and Bose look somewhat plain, JBL blends it up with a develop, yet in vogue plan. The 650BTNC come in three diverse colorways - dark with copper complements, all white, and the blue and silver combo that you see with our survey unit.

As far as materials, the headband is made of sturdy fabric you'd find on JBL's Bluetooth speakers, which should stand the trial of time, and the ear mugs are made of a fake cowhide that is incredibly agreeable on the head.

The general development of the earphone is excellent, and there's a decent mix of metal, material, cowhide, and plastic. Albeit a few clients may shrug off the utilization of plastic, it makes for a light earphone that you wouldn't fret wearing for quite a long time. With that in mind, we observed the JBL Live 650BTNC to be a standout amongst the most agreeable earphones we've tried and in spite of the fact that it wasn't as quill light as the Bose QC35 II, we had no issue wearing them for a whole workday and on our drive.

Talking about driving, the earphones overlap up and level for movement and accompany a material pocket. We would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see a hard case to ensure the earphones yet that is a nitpick at this value point. The earphones likewise accompany a 3.5mm link for utilizing when you're out of juice or just need to augment the battery life for clamor dropping. Likewise included is a level microUSB charging link.

Presently for the terrible news: The 650BTNC uses the old microUSB standard, which is baffling in the event that you need to utilize one USB-C link to charge every one of your gadgets.

Where JBL cut down on expense was by making the majority of the controls on the earphones physical catches as opposed to contact capacitive like Sony has done on the 1000XM3; On the correct ear container you have a power/matching slider, volume and media controls, blending catch, and ANC flip switch. Another comfort that Sony offers and JBL needs is customizable ANC to let in some encompassing clamor when somebody is conversing with you... in any case, you can't generally blame JBL for excluding the element at this value point.

The main touchpad control is on the left earcup and it's utilized to actuate your voice collaborator of decision - either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa - nonetheless, you'll simply need to download the relating application on your telephone, just as the JBL Headphones application to utilize it. In the event that voice aides aren't for you, despite everything you'll need to download JBL's application as it enables you to set custom EQs, check battery life, and update the earphones. The experience is somewhat simple however it takes care of business.

Picture Credit: TechRadar

Picture Credit: TechRadar


The sound of the JBL Live 650BTNC can be summed up by single word: energizing. These earphones offer amazing elements where bass pummels hard while not overpowering the mids or highs.

In addition, highs are energizing and just on the edge of being brilliant on occasion, and keeping in mind that the bass was excessive for our loving, we can see many appreciating the additional low-end punch. As far as goals, the AKG N700NC out play out the JBL yet we didn't care for the AKG's solace. Be that as it may, we incline toward the JBL's sound to the Bose QC35 II, which is a bit excessively delicate and hazy for tastes.

Picture Credit: TechRadar

Picture Credit: TechRadar

With regards to keeping sound out, the 650BTNC's clamor dropping is great yet not class-driving. In our testing the JBL Live 650BTNC figured out how to muffle voice well and the greater part of the hints of our boisterous drive on the train, anyway there was a delicate murmur when no music was playing and there was slight weight on our ears. While ANC isn't in the same class as Bose and Sony, we showed improvement over the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2, which is in a similar value go.

Battery life is evaluated at 20 hours with ANC and remote empowered and we had no issues achieving that number at medium volume. Better, we frequently observed an hour or two more in the event that we kept the volume low and had the earphones inactive. In the event that you utilize the JBL Live 650BTNC with a wire with ANC empowered, you can get upwards 30 hours on a solitary charge - all that anyone could need for a trek abroad.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa functioned obviously however we found that it was too simple to even think about triggering them incidentally by looking over against the touchpad. Truly, we wish the associate element was a physical catch rather than a touchpad.


For the cash, the JBL Live 650BTNC punch over its weight as far as sound quality, form, and highlights. The cons we have recorded above - like mapping the associate to the touchpad and its utilization of microUSB - are basically nitpicks with none of them being inside and out major issues. So, we left away exceptionally inspired at the balanced bundle JBL made for the market and would unquestionably prescribe them to anybody in the market for a modest pair of clamor dropping earphones.

At a similar cost, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 have for some time been our go-to suggestion however they're getting long in the tooth now. They have comforts like auto play-delay when you remove the earphone yet the JBL has support for voice collaborators, is constructed better and sound better.

In the event that you would prefer not to spend too much on the Bose QC35 II or Sony WH-1000XM3, you'll be happy with the JBL Live 650BTNC realizing that you're not giving up a lot in the method for execution or highlights.

With regards to clamor dropping earphones that are ideal for drives, workplaces, and long plane rides, it's difficult to beat the Sony WH-1000xM3 and Bose QC35 II. In any case, the truth is, you don't have to pay about $400 to get an extraordinary pair of remote commotion dropping earphones any longer.

On account of horde specialized progressions, you would now be able to get a strong pair of commotion dropping earphones like JBL's Live 650BTNC for a large portion of that cost. With 20 hours of battery life, warm and dynamic sound, and enough commotion dropping pull to make even the longest flights comfortable, these are an extraordinary decision for the individuals who will not take advantage of their investment account for melodic fulfillment.


Pop open the top of the 650BTNC's bundle and you'll locate the over-ear earphones sitting inside a formed plastic chamber close by a small scale USB charging link and a 3.5mm link for wired tuning in. Underneath the principle area is a drawstring-style delicate case.

Riley Young/Digital Trends

We wish the earphones accompanied some type of hard case for movement, something you'll discover with most lead travel earphones, however given the value, it is anything but a tremendous amazement to discover only a delicate case. Substantial explorers will essentially need to take care in pressing the jars.

Highlights AND DESIGN

The earphones are very pleasant to take a gander at, with a spotless plan that features JBL's logo outwardly of the adjusted earcups. Extravagant calfskin cushioning embellishes the earcups' inside and headband for happy with tuning in, and you can look over three changed hues, including white, blue with gold accents, or dark on dark — relying upon how showy you need to get.

Eye-getting in all the correct ways.

Our survey unit came in white, and we need to concede they are attractive in all the correct ways, accumulating various compliments from companions and collaborators amid testing. While we likewise incline toward the appearance of this woven texture headband to the plastic and calfskin structures offered by Sony and Bose, there is some worry that it may get filthy after some time. In any case, that is not a noteworthy issue for the darker hues.

The earphones are amazingly light, particularly essential when wearing them for longer sessions. They never feel substantial or disturbing amid longer listening sessions, rather getting to be unified with your skull on those long flights.

We additionally love that you once in a while need to haul out your telephone. The locally available controls and ports are anything but difficult to access, notwithstanding being great covered up on the base of the earcups. On the privilege earcup you'll discover catches for power, volume, play/delay, Bluetooth blending, and commotion dropping, all situated in falling request down the outside of the glass. Tapping the outside of the left earcup gets to Google Assistant or Alexa, enabling you to skip melodies or check the climate — however we do wish there was an assigned touch control for tune skipping.

The base left earcup is the place you'll locate the small scale USB charging port, and the base right is the place you'll see that 3.5mm jack for connecting the earphones between charges or into planes or, state, a Nintendo Switch (which mysteriously doesn't bolster Bluetooth sound).

Extravagant cowhide cushioning makes for open to tuning in.

The clamor dropping itself doesn't offer a similar sort of decrease you'll discover in the previously mentioned Sony and Bose models, yet the 650BTNC do altogether lessen the racket of planes and open travel, making the listening knowledge substantially more agreeable than it generally would be.

For the individuals who travel much of the time enough that clamor dropping is an absolute necessity, it might be justified, despite all the trouble to put something aside for a couple of the huge young men, however for the individuals who do the greater part of their tuning in at home or in the workplace and travel only a couple of times each year, they are more than satisfactory. Indeed, they do very well with the hints of HVAC frameworks, decreasing the irritating foundation commotion inside structures to almost imperceptible dimensions.


As far as sound quality, there's little to gripe about here. The warm low-end is met by brilliant treble, and a slight scoop in the midrange to give melodic lucidity. We tuned in to a wide assortment of music going from Jazz and Hip-Hop to Radiohead, and maybe the greatest compliment we can give the earphones is that they have no perceptible effect on the music we cherish.

jbl live 650btnc

Riley Young/Digital Trends

All that we hope to hear is there, with the commotion dropping itself loaning a gigantic measure of lucidity to the general soundstage, making all that you tune in to seem like it's current in an increasingly open melodic space. This makes them phenomenal for use in office settings, where there's nothing to occupy you except for the hints of your most loved band or digital broadcast.

The bass, specifically, is very much overseen — sufficiently punchy to make low-fi hip-jump like MF Doom's Potholders skip into your eardrums, however insufficient that it overpowers the tones above it. This is obvious given JBL's long history of making items with adjusted sound marks, however it's as yet welcome in the post-Beats time, and we'll laud them for the tuning.

Enough commotion dropping pull to make even the longest flights tolerable.

One style of music that we wished had slightly more definition was traditional, which will in general be somewhat less packed than different styles, and along these lines didn't exactly jump out of the earphones with a similar vitality we'd anticipate from higher-end earphones like the Sony WH-1000xM3, which highlight AptX and LDAC innovation for higher-quality Bluetooth transmission. On the other hand, that will be normal in a couple of earphones that cost about half to such an extent.

At $200, these are an extraordinary sounding pair of earphones that make all that you tune in to sound fun and enthusiastic, and that is pretty much everything we can inquire.


JBL offers a one-year guarantee on blemished parts and workmanship.


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In case you're after an extraordinary pair of clamor dropping earphones for movement, work, or home, yet don't exactly have the financial plan for top-level alternatives, the JBL 650BTNC possess a strong center ground, giving solace, ease of use, and incredible sound for around a large portion of the cost of leader contributions.

Is there a superior option?

The nearest contending pair we've invested energy with are the Panasonic RP-HD605N, which offer comparable highlights and battery life at a similar cost, and furthermore accompany AptX and LDAC codecs to give perfect Bluetooth transmission. It is anything but a thoroughly reasonable examination, given that the Panasonic display initially sold for $100 more, however at this point they're a similar value, they offer better stable quality, and a hardcase for sure. All things considered, the JBL 650BTNC are strong contenders, and they likewise look better on your head. The Panasonic show is basically a Sony WH-1000x clone, where JBL's pair parade more style.

To what extent will they last?

JBL has been a quality maker of earphones for a long time, and these earphones are business-like. While the absence of a hard case means you should need to give extraordinary consideration to them when voyaging — or abandon them on your head — these earphones should most recent quite a while whenever treated well.

Would it be a good idea for you to get them?

On the off chance that you can't overdo it on the top-end models, yes. For those in the market for incredible over-ear earphones at a truly sensible value, the JBL 650BTNC are completely worth looking at.
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