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The 2018 Bike Racks for Cars

In case you're hunting down the best bicycle rack for your necessities at that point you're in good fortune, so are we! With an end goal to help, we inquired about the best models available and bought 23 of the best to test and look at one next to the other. In case you're similar to us, you travel with your bicycle regularly, in the case of taking off for several miles on an excursion to a famous goal, to an adjacent trailhead, or crosswise over town, and you need to transport your valuable freight in the most ideal way that could be available. We tried a wide range of racks, hitch, trunk, and rooftop mounts, on an assortment of vehicles and with each kind of bicycle conceivable and drove for a great many miles on all way of street surfaces. In our inquiry to locate the ideal bicycle rack we utilized and manhandled the majority of the models we tried and examined each part of their execution all the while. Read on to discover how these contenders contrast with one another and to locate the best bicycle rack to suit your requirements and spending plan.
Despite challenges from other manufacturers the Thule T2 Pro XT holds onto our coveted Editors Choice Award.

Through the span of two years (and tallying), our master analyzers broke down each model available before eventually settling on a choice of the best 23 to put under a magnifying glass. In our mission to locate the best, our broad testing process uncovered that Thule T2 Pro XT was the victor of the Best Overall Hitch Mount, while the Kuat Trio and Thule Raceway Pro 2 brought home the desired honor for being the best for your rooftop or trunk mount separately. We endeavored to not just recognize the best rack for each mount style, yet we featured which models are more qualified to extraordinary purposes, and also those that give the best blast to your well deserved buck. Read on to locate the best model for your necessities and spending plan.

Best Overall Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Thule T2 Pro XT

Thule T2 Pro XT Editors' Choice Award


at REI

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Style: Hitch | Capacity: 2 (can indicate four)

One-gave tilt instrument at back of rack

Uncompromising development

Fits tires up to five inches

Loads of room between plate

Instrument free connection and evacuation

3" of parallel plate alteration



We think this is the one. The Thule T2 Pro XT is no ifs ands or buts, the best all-around hitch mount bicycle rack in our test determination. A recurrent perp, Thule holds down the best spot in our survey for the second year in succession with the refreshed form of the T2 Pro. There was without a doubt some solid rivalry from other new models available, yet it remained the most elevated scoring item in almost every appraising metric and again turned out to be everything we could seek after a bicycle rack to be, to say the very least. The "XT" is the most up to date emphasis of Thule's mainstream T2 with remarkable changes in plate dividing and sidelong movability that decrease the probability of bicycles coming into contact with one another amid transport. We likewise tried this with the Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Add-On and found the combo was additionally our Editor's Choice for conveying four bicycles.

By and large, we observed the ergonomics to be amazing, with tightening wheel clip arms that can be balanced with one hand, with a low stacking stature. Astute outline highlights are all over the place, down to the wide tightening arms wheel plate, giving fat bicycle lovers a feasible hitch mount alternative and similarity with all sizes of tires and wheels. This amusement changing item presently offers the purchaser something they never knew they required. Certainly, we've all made the most of our hitch mounted rack's capacity to tilt despondent of the route, yet by basically moving the control for the element Thule has enhanced the procedure and the simplicity of tilting the rack down, making it less demanding than at any other time to get to the back of your vehicle. Include the device free connection (trust us, you won't miss fiddling with a strung hitch stick and bolt) and you have our unmistakable victor.

Read survey: Thule T2 Pro XT

Best Overall Roof Rack

Kuat Trio

Trio Editors' Choice Award


at Amazon

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Style: Roof | Capacity: 1


Lower profile than racks that cinch the tire

Standard 9mm and through-hub similarity

Good with an assortment of crossbar styles

Hard to gather

Lift connectors excluded

Kuat keeps up the best spot on our platform for rooftop mount racks for the second year in succession with their Trio. Consistent with its name it leaves the container prepared to deal with the three most regular hub setups. A change on the dependable outline of the fork mount rack, Kuat has concocted an imaginative arrangement that can convey bicycles with any hub standard at the fork. It leaves the case prepared to deal with your 9mm, 15mm, and 20mm size hub forks, the Trio does not require a $40 connector to hold your through-hub prepared bicycle, despite the fact that an extra connector can be bought to oblige the more extensive fork dividing of fat bicycles and in addition to bicycles.

Flexibility is high on the rundown of the Trio's qualities and can be mounted to any crossbar style, utilizing a U-jolt style clip, and they likewise made an advantageous remove for leeway of plate brake calipers that are regular on present day mountain, street, and rock bicycles. A link bolt that stretches out from the back of the rack adjusts the colossal outline, making the Trio the most adaptable, secure and simple stacking rooftop rack accessible. We figure it would be incredible if Kuat included Boost perfect segments with the Trio, however they are accessible as a post-retail embellishment for procurement.

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Best Overall Trunk Rack

Thule Raceway Pro 2

Thule Raceway Pro 9001 Editors' Choice Award


at REI

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Style: Trunk | Capacity: 2


Most secure trunk mount rack accessible

Steel link connections

Reduced capacity plan

Limits access to vehicle


Holds bicycle by means of direct contact with the casing

The Thule Raceway Pro 2 is our Top Pick for a trunk mounted bicycle rack. Thule has thought outside the box with the main trunk mount rack in our test assemble that uses elastic covered steel links for mounting instead of the more standard nylon lashes found on different models. The steel links increment both security and toughness and are effortlessly changed in accordance with length and fixed with implicit, easy to understand handles. Setting up the Raceway Pro 2 is simple, utilizing Thule's Fit Guide that has number assignments for every single perfect vehicle.

Utilizing the Fit Dial on the rack to swing to the comparing number accomplishes the ideal help arm plot for your vehicle, essentially disposing of any mystery. The help arms are flexible in both edge and sidelong spread, which builds the capacity to convey an assortment of edge composes and sizes. The Raceway Pro is additionally the main trunk mount in our test determination that comes standard with a retractable link bolt framework.

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Best Buy Hitch Rack

Yakima HoldUp

HoldUp Best Buy Award


(16% off)

at Amazon

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Style: Hitch | Capacity: 2 (can indicate four)

Extraordinary esteem

Quick to get bicycles on and off

Reseller's exchange add-on to grow to four bicycle limit

Demonstrated plan


Doesn't fit tires greater than 3"

The tilt instrument is difficult to get to

The Yakima HoldUP isn't exactly as refined as a portion of the opposition, however it functions admirably and is $100-200 more affordable than any hitch rack that scored higher. In the event that you add on the 2 bicycle expansion, you have a 4 bicycle rack for $750 which is $200-400 not as much as any 4 bicycle hitch rack that scored higher. It's moderately simple to gather and secure and scored a 7 or 8 in all measurements.

The primary drawback is that the tilt and anchoring instruments are not exactly as smooth as a portion of the more costly racks. On the off chance that you've never utilized the T2 PRO or Dr. Plate, at that point you presumably won't see this much. Be that as it may, in the event that you have utilized the higher-end models, you might be somewhat irritated at the usability. What's more, it doesn't hold tires fatter than 3-inches wide. Those two things aside, it's an amazing rack and an incredible cost.

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Best Bang for the Buck Roof Rack

RockyMounts Jetline

RockyMounts Jetline Best Buy Award


at Competitive Cyclist

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Style: Roof | Capacity: 1


Fits an assortment of cross bars


Bunches of shading choices

Needs costly connectors to hold bicycles with through hub forks

The RockyMounts JetLine is the champ of our Best Buy grant for a rooftop mounted rack. At $130 retail, the Jetline isn't the least expensive rooftop mount rack in our test determination, yet we feel you get a great deal for your cash. The JetLine is a housetop, fork mount rack, and we found that it will fit both Thule, Yakima, Aero, and many vehicle's production line mounted crossbars with the included equipment. A simple to utilize brisk discharge lever clips any bike fork with 9mm dropouts, and the expansion of the Drive Shaft (through-pivot) connector ($69.95) from RockyMounts, make this rack good with bicycles outfitted with 15mm and 20mm through axles.

The plate is composed with a pattern to oblige circle brake calipers, and a sliding, tightening tie used to anchor the back wheel on the plate. On the off chance that security is a worry, the JetLine requires two bolt centers ($19.95, excluded), one anchors the rack to the crossbars, and one bolts the snappy discharge lever to anchor the bicycle to the plate. We think the JetLine is a decent esteem that offers security and flexibility, alongside secondary selling additional items you can buy as assets allow.

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Top Pick For Versatility and Capacity

Yakima Dr. Plate

Yakima Dr. Tray Top Pick Award


(11% off)

at Amazon

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Style: Hitch | Capacity: 2 (can include one extra)

Imaginative plate mount plan

Effectively increment limit with the EZ+1 connector

Device free plate change

Lighter than the opposition

Device free connection and expulsion


Tilt discharge handle is hard to utilize

Ineffectively planned link bolt framework

The exceedingly foreseen Yakima Dr. Plate is the latest and best hitch mount plate rack offered by this notable brand. No doubt about it; this isn't a refreshed form of the Yakima's Hold Up rack. The Dr. Plate is a totally new plan joining inventive highlights that we extremely like. Connected to the primary body of the rack, the plate are movable with apparatus free clasps that permit brisk and simple fore, toward the back, and horizontal change in accordance with keep away from bicycle to bicycle contact. We found the Dr. Plate to offer unfathomable adaptability, and it was likewise flaunted one of the lightest weights in its class.

The as of late discharged EZ+1 frill effortlessly expands this racks conveying ability to three bicycles, something we feel is a reward to this brilliant performing rack. Yakima's Dr. Plate just barely passed up our Editors' Choice honor, this was because of the less easy to use tilt discharge, and a link locking framework that we feel could profit by an update. In spite of these issues, the Dr. Plate was a most loved among our analyzers for its light weight, adaptability, and easy to understand flexibility.

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Top Pick for #Vanlife

RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Platform

RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Platform Top Pick Award


at Amazon

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Style: Hitch | Capacity: 2

Swing ceaselessly plan

One-gave tilt system at back of rack

3" of horizontal plate modification

Link bolt



Devices required for evacuation and establishment

Constrained plate/vehicle leeway

On the off chance that you've gotten the movement bug and have been drawn into the #vanlife circle and obtained a van to set out on your biking undertakings, at that point you definitely know or are going to find the potential difficulties of transporting bicycles on your movement fix. Luckily, RockyMounts has you as a primary concern, with an all around planned plate style swing without end hitch rack made to meet the particular needs of the cutting edge van-staying traveler. Every single other model of hitch mounted rack we tried meddle with the utilization of a van's back entryways, notwithstanding when tilted down.

Obviously, the Backstage has an amazing tilt highlight that is gotten to at the back of the rack; the show-halting element is the arm that explains out and far from the back entryways, putting both the bicycles and the rack clear of the entryway's range. We don't feel that the Backstage is altogether immaculate, the plate freedom from the vehicle is to some degree cramped, so bicycles with 800mm bars should be put in the outside plate, and it is awkward because of its weight and size. Regardless of its blemishes, despite everything we feel the swing-ceaselessly persuade makes it the most proper alternative available for the #vanlife swarm.

Read audit: RockyMounts BackStage

Investigation and Test Results

Through the span of our testing period, we thoroughly tried each model on an assortment of makes and models of vehicles. We tried each rack with a scope of various sorts of bicycles to test each model's adaptability, ease of use, and to distinguish qualities and shortcomings. Our analysts continually examined each model and kept fastidious notes amid testing, eventually scoring each rack crosswise over six distinctive rating measurements. The last scores for the racks helped us decide our last test outcomes recorded previously.


Bicycle racks in this survey go somewhere in the range of $60 to $629, or, in other words distinction. All things considered, some might need to spend more than $500 for the most elite, while some may simply be searching for the best an incentive for their dollar. We've incorporated an outline underneath, which points of interest each of the 23 models which have been incorporated into our armada. On the off chance that a high-performing spending model is high on your rundown, consider contenders that keep running along the base of the value line, yet are far along the score line. The most effortless approach to tell which display offers the most elevated cost per esteem is by beginning at the base right of the chart. The RockyMounts Jetline and Thule T2 Classic brought home our Best Buy Awards, while the Kuat Trio, just $189, is the victor of an Editors' Choice Award.

Simplicity of Everyday Use

For the majority of us, this is all that really matters. How simple is the bicycle rack to utilize? As a rule, the less demanding something is to utilize the more probable you are to utilize it, and you'll squander less time stacking and emptying bicycles leaving more opportunity to commit to different things. We feel that convenience separates to two things, how simple is it to stack bicycles, and regardless of whether the rack meddles with access to your vehicle. (We examine securing frameworks our Security test). The essential angles we considered while assessing stacking the bicycles are the stacking tallness and the strategy for connection. All in all, issues with vehicle get to are commonly required with hitch mount and trunk mount racks, and the technique for alleviation the producer uses and its viability drove us to our score. The most noteworthy evaluated hitch rack we tried is the Thule T2 Pro XT.

Stacking bicycles on the T2 Pro XT couldn't be simpler, with a low stacking stature and very much planned front wheel clips that assistance remove the clumsiness from adjusting a bicycle while attempting to put it in the rack. Different models we tried like the 1 Up Quick Rack require a more arranged way to deal with bicycle stacking to keep those ungainly minutes where the bicycle is wavering, and you have come up short on hands. As we would like to think, a standout amongst the most champion highlights on the T2 Pro XT is the top notch one-gave tilt discharge lever situated on the finish of the rack that makes bringing down the rack or raising the rack more basic than we ever could have envisioned. A comparable framework was utilized on the new Yakima Dr. Plate, yet we observed the lever to be sticky, frequently requiring two hands and some harsh treatment to discharge. Thule was the first to showcase with a rack with this element and their aptitude appears with this new outline.

The amazing tilt discharge lever on the Thule T2 Pro XT can be controlled with one hand.

The amazing tilt discharge lever on the Thule T2 Pro XT can be controlled with one hand.

Rooftop mounted racks are, as the name recommends, mounted on the top of your vehicle; therefore, the stacking stature is perpetually higher. This higher and less advantageous stacking tallness consequently brings down the usability score contrasted with hitch racks with their closer-to-the-ground comfort. All things considered, rooftop mounted models are positively not all made equivalent, and we observed the Kuat Trio to be the pioneer of the pack. The fork mount configuration is marginally simpler to stack than a wheel mount rooftop rack like the Yakima HighRoller because of the reality the bicycle doesn't should be lifted very as high, in spite of the fact that the front wheel needs to be evacuated. The Trio and its inventive framework that makes it good with through-hub forks without the requirement for extra connectors likewise helped it to outscore other fork mount racks like the RockyMounts Jetline.

The orange piece on the Kuat Trio is removable permitting diverse axel connectors to be embedded to accomodate practically any sort of bicycle.

The orange piece on the Kuat Trio is removable, permitting distinctive axel connectors to be embedded to accomodate for all intents and purposes any kind of bicycle.

The Thule Raceway Pro 2 bested the positions for trunk mounted racks in usability. Thule has cleverly utilized a tightening dial framework to take up slack in the steel connection links, the main trunk rack that utilizations elastic covered steel links, which makes mounting simple, and their one of a kind Fit Dial framework causes you accomplish the ideal fit for your vehicle by posting the proper dial estimations for all vehicles to remove the mystery from the condition.

Simplicity of Removal and Storage

It beyond any doubt would be decent in the event that we could leave our bicycle racks on our vehicles constantly, yet lamentably for most us, riding bicycles is only a side interest and not an all day work. Bicycle racks are regularly mounted and expelled from our vehicles as required or as seasons change, and how simple that procedure is relies upon an assortment of components. A racks size, weight, and technique for connection are the essential factors that effect their simplicity of expulsion and capacity.

Our most elevated scoring hitch rack in this rating metric, the Yakima Dr. Plate was the main rack we tried that earned an impeccable 10. At a featherweight, for a hitch mounted bicycle rack, 34 pounds it weighs just half what the RockyMounts BackStage does; analyzers were even ready to bear it with one hand. Yakima's SpeedKnob locking framework made joining the Dr. Plate to your vehicle as simple as it very well may be, while additionally expelling wobbles and bolting the rack onto your hitch. The Kuat Sherpa likewise scored here, basically because of its stunningly light weight of 32 pounds and Kuat's utilization of a handle and cam framework that expels wobble, despite the fact that bolting the rack to your vehicle requires a hitch stick. The 1 Up USA Heavy Duty Quick Rack inspired us with its little fallen size, one of just two racks we tried that element collapsing bicycle plate for capacity. On the off chance that you require a hitch rack that you can pull off and fit in the storage compartment the 1 UP is justified regardless of a look.
On account of rooftop mounted racks, producers expect that you're less inclined to expel them all the time. Rooftop racks are all the more a set-it-and-overlook it thing that buyers for the most part decide to simply leave on the rooftop for expanded periods after the underlying establishment. Because of the more changeless nature of this style of rack, a large portion of them require a reasonable piece of exertion to introduce and evacuate. Of the considerable number of contenders we tried, the least demanding to go up against and off the auto turned out to be the Yakima Front Loader.

At the front of the rack, a handle is turned until the point when the bracing jaws reach the crossbar, while a clip with one tensioning handle deals with the back crossbar connection. Different models in our test choice, for example, the Kuat Trio, utilizes a U-jolt framework that requires hex keys to go up against and off. As to, none of the rooftop racks we tried crease up, yet they are for the most part long and thin, so you will require a place with some space to stand them up or lay them on the floor when not being used.

The hand handle on the Yakima FrontLoader makes for simple expulsion and establishment.

The hand handle on the Yakima FrontLoader makes for simple evacuation and establishment.

A regular preferred standpoint of trunk mount racks is that they normally very simple to expel from your vehicle, and they generally consume up less room when not being used. Our first class trunk mount rack, Thule Raceway Pro, packs up little and with their Fit Dial framework and tightening links, was the least demanding to mount and expel from a vehicle.

The Thule Raceway Pro overlays up into a pleasant conservative size when not being used.

The Thule Raceway Pro overlap up into a pleasant minimal size when not being used.


We evaluated the adaptability of the distinctive models of bicycle racks by their capacity to convey various diverse sorts of bicycles. Wheel measure, tire width, bike outline shape, and size can introduce issues for a few racks. Racks which utilize a bicycle's casing as the essential purpose of contact and security regularly endure in this metric because of the assortment of casing shapes and sizes available. Racks which secure the bicycles through different means, for example, wheel-mounted plate, normally offer an extensive variety of customizability and the ability to suit an assortment of wheel sizes and tire widths. The Yakima Dr. Plate scored most elevated in adaptability because of its gigantic scope of plate alterations, and the capacity to convey bicycles with tires up to five inches wide.

Running a nearby second in the adaptability rankings, the Thule T2 Pro XT is likewise fit for obliging tires up to five inches wide, despite the fact that it's plate modifications are to some degree restricted contrasted with the Dr. Plate. Tightening arms that clasp down on the front wheel of the bicycle are utilized by a large portion of the hitch mounted plate style racks we tried, killing casing contact and expanding adaptability. The special cases to this administer being the Saris Freedom, Swagman Chinook, and the Swagman XC2, all of which depend on clasps that hold the edges down against the plate. A little sliding tie anchors the back haggle be balanced dependent on the wheelbase of the bicycle being conveyed. With this outline, the shape or size of the casing is unimportant. The majority of the plate style hitch racks we tried have a two-bicycle limit, yet a large number of them can be expanded to four bicycles by buying an expansion for the rack.

The Yakima Dr Tray is anything but difficult to evacuate and store because of its low weight and instrument free connection framework.

The Yakima Dr Tray is anything but difficult to evacuate and store because of its low weight and instrument free connection framework.

A few models, for example, the Thule Apex Swing, guarantee they can oblige four bicycles, however we felt as far as possible its capacity to do as such. We thought that it was hard to locate the ideal mix of four bicycles that would stack onto this rack, and notwithstanding when we did this brought about expanded bicycle to bicycle contact and potential for harm. The pinnacle limit with respect to most vehicles can be accomplished by utilizing a rooftop mount setup with numerous individual rooftop racks. Kindly note that a rooftop mount rack, for example, our Editors' Choice Kuat Trio, can just hold one bicycle for each unit, however the capacity to put various units on the rooftop clearly expands your conveying limit. Another rooftop mount rack, the Yakima Front Loader was a champion for adaptability because of its capacity to suit bicycles with varying pivot gauges by clipping onto the front tire rather as opposed to joining to the bicycle's front hub.

Simplicity of Assembly

Collecting and setting up your bicycle rack is regularly an assignment that just should be finished once, so we didn't weight this rating metric as vigorously as a portion of the others, just 10 percent of the general score. That being stated, we do feel that it is deserving of your consideration. A few models of racks were anything but difficult to setup with simple to adhere to directions and quality craftsmanship, while others were not, abandoning us disappointed and befuddled.

Hitch Racks:

The 1 Up USA Heavy Duty Quick Rack, turned out to be our most elevated scorer in this metric. The 1 Up is one of just two hitch racks we tried that have collapsing bicycle plate, however it was the main rack to be dispatched completely amassed. Expel it from the case, overlay the plate to their vacant position, and it is prepared to mount on your vehicle and utilize. From a simplicity of get together outlook, it couldn't get any simpler than that. Each and every other hitch rack in our test determination required changing levels of get together. The Kuat Sherpa requires a considerable lot of get together however scores well because of strikingly all around planned delivering box that you can use to help the plate amid get together.

This is the means by which the 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik Rack leaves the case. No get together required.

This is the means by which the 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik Rack leaves the case. No get together required.

Rooftop Mount Racks:

Our most astounding scoring rooftop rack, the Yakima Front Loader bested the opposition by coming completely gathered and prepared to mount on basically any crossbar. Different models of rooftop racks in our test determination expected apparatuses to collect before mounting.

The Yakima Front Loader comes completely gathered.

The Yakima Front Loader comes completely gathered.

Trunk Mount Racks:

Our Top Pick trunk mounted rack, the Thule Raceway Pro 2 arrived completely gathered and is, along these lines, our most elevated scoring trunk mount rack in this metric. The other trunk mount racks in our test determination expected apparatuses to amass.


Tragically, bicycle burglary is an issue in our cutting edge world, and extravagant bicycles joined to the outside of vehicles can be their ideal objectives. Bicycle racks accompany fluctuating levels of security, from none at all to incorporated locks that protected the rack to your vehicle and the bicycles to the rack. Given the correct devices and enough time however, and a decided hoodlum can trade off even the most secure bicycle rack.

It is our sentiment that the most secure bicycle racks are those that use link locks like the Kuat Sherpa. The long elastic covered steel link on the Sherpa locks to a metal stud on the rack. The link is sufficiently long to circle through wheels to help discourage robbery. A comparable framework is utilized on the Rockymounts BackStage. Both the Thule T2 Pro XT and the Yakima Dr. Plate utilize shorter links that are just sufficiently long to circle through the edge, leaving the wheels defenseless against burglary. The vast majority of the hitch mount racks in our test choice have a locking hitch stick or a bolt that anchors the wobble handle, as on the Thule T2 Pro XT, to keep would-be cheats from grabbing the rack itself.

The Kuat Sherpa has a semi-incorporated noose style link bolt that can be circled through edges and wheels.

The Kuat Sherpa has a semi-incorporated noose style link bolt that can be circled through casings and wheels.

Rooftop Mount Racks:

Of the rooftop mounted racks we tried, the most noteworthy scorers for security utilize a link bolt that anchors the back wheel, and being able to bolt the fork mount. Both the Editors' Choice Kuat Trio and the RockyMount Switch Hitter highlight this more secure plan. Lower scoring racks in our test choice just permit the fork mount to be bolted and leave the back wheel unbound and vulnerable to robbery.

Trunk Mount Racks:

Of the considerable number of racks we tried, the storage compartment mount style racks are especially defenseless against robbery. The larger part of trunk racks are joined to the vehicle with nylon webbing ties that can without much of a stretch be cut with a couple of scissors or a blade. The main trunk mounted model we tried with any security highlights is the Thule Raceway Pro which appends to the vehicle with steel links and highlights a tensioning framework with keyed locks to forestall undesirable evacuation of the rack. Also, the help arms that hold the bicycles highlight a link bolt to anchor your bicycle to the rack. While this link is moderately thin, the security highlights of the Raceway are very critical when contrasted with other trunk mount racks in our test choice.

To test strength, we attempted our hardest to put every one of the items through hell. We attempted to take each model to the verge of their execution to perceive how they stood the trial of time and overwhelming use.

Fortunately for our bicycles, we didn't have any disastrous disappointments amid our trial. Every one of the models we tried accompanied the fine print cautioning of "not for rough terrain utilize." While we regard the producers need to ensure themselves lawfully, we didn't notice this notice of keeping these racks and our vehicles on the asphalt. That being stated, a portion of the items in our test determination truly shouldn't be utilized go 4x4 romping, and we've given insights about that in our test results in the individual item audits.

The 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik Rack is almost impenetrable to erosion with all aluminum development.

The 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik Rack is almost impenetrable to erosion with all aluminum development.

From a strength point of view, the 1 Up USA Heavy Duty Quick Rack emerged to our test group with a powerful, if not overbuilt, plan. An asserted weight limit of 50 pounds for each plate implies you'll be unable to over-burden it. Developed altogether of aluminum with hardened steel equipment, the 1 Up doesn't have any plastic parts. Notwithstanding some sad contact with a tree while backing up that brought about a twisted ratchet instrument, the Heavy Duty Quick Rack kept on working without issue. The aluminum complete of the 1 Up is additionally of note, it might scratch, however there is no paint to chip, and it won't rust, the general appearance of the rack doesn't change considerably after some time. Both the Kuat NV 2.0 and the Kuat Sherpa are additionally top performing items; with powder coat completes that are difficult to scratch and especially strong against the components. Other sturdy enough-to-endure forever racks incorporate our Best Buy winning RockyMounts JetLine, and the Best Buy Thule T2 Classic.

Get the Wiggles Out

Most hitch racks will have a little play in them. This isn't perfect for the toughness of the hitch and if it's extremely free, the bicycles will shake around. A handy solution is a hitch tightener.

Hitch tightener on a Kuat bicycle rack.

Hitch tightener on a Kuat bicycle rack.


Following quite a while of industrious testing, we've incorporated the most complete bicycle rack survey at any point directed. Our expert analyzers are fastidious in their investigation and appraisal of each rack and have utilized an assortment of vehicles and sorts of bicycles to misuse the shortcomings of each plan. From day by day use to long excursions, these racks have seen everything from preparing summer warmth to solidifying chilly and snow and street salt. We trust that the top to bottom survey we've made will help give you the devices to settle on a strong decision on your next rack buy.

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