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Roku 2 XS Review

Roku was first to advertise with a system spilling box equipped for playing Netflix recordings, and its product offering remains the one we'd prescribe to our non-geek companions and relatives. Our geek companions and relatives, then again, know there are better media streamers available; yet those gadgets—being more perplexing—are marginally more hard to set up.

The Roku 2 XS sits on Roku's product offering and conveys four highlights the more affordable models don't: a movement control remote, a USB port, an Ethernet port (notwithstanding a coordinated remote Ethernet connector), and a free duplicate of the amusement Angry Birds. However, the XS is similarly as constrained as whatever remains of the lineup in one regard: It can't get to music, films, photographs, or some other media put away on different gadgets on your system.


In case you're a gatherer who purchases music and films on circle; tears, encodes, and stores the records on a server or NAS box; and documents the plates for care, you ought to overlook the Roku 2 XS, on the grounds that the main way you'll have the capacity to play those documents is to duplicate them to a USB thumbdrive (designed as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, or HFS+). The same goes for your computerized photographs (except if you need to transfer them to your Facebook account first).

Roku is exceedingly parsimonious with regards to supporting media codecs and document positions, as well. You have a decision of two lossy codecs for music: AAC and MP3; the player can't disentangle Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, or FLAC. Video must be encoded as MP4 (h.264), with the choice of utilizing a MKV compartment. In the event that you interface the case to your A/V recipient, it will go through a Dolby Digital or DTS bit stream, however there's no help for the superior quality soundtracks you'll discover in Blu-beam circles (Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio). Computerized photographs, in the interim, must be in either JPG or PNG design. You can't play music and show photographs in the meantime, so your slideshows will be quiet.

roku-2-xs-audit raise inputs-yields

On the off chance that you've shrugged your shoulders at every one of those reactions, you'll most likely like the Roku 2 XS a considerable measure. As we said in the opener, the crate is exceedingly simple to set up. (Albeit, as opposed to Roku's site pitch, you will require a PC, tablet, or cell phone to set up it and to include a few administrations. You'll likewise need to give Roku your Visa number, however you won't be charged for anything except if your request a diversion or a compensation for every view motion picture). All the more imperatively, the XS can convey a wide scope of media administrations (in excess of 200 channels). What's more, more critically than that, it conveys superb video and sound quality when associated with your diversion focus with a HDMI link (which is, shockingly, excluded).

Establishment and Setup

Notwithstanding purchasing a HDMI link, you'll have to go into the Roku's settings menu to get the best quality the gadget is fit for conveying. While its video goals beat out at 1080p, it touches base from the industrial facility set to 720p. The container can stream 5.1-channel Dolby Digital soundtracks, yet it arrives playing stereo. We changed the two settings previously interfacing it to an Onkyo TX-NR709 A/V beneficiary and a 50-inch LG plasma HDTV (display 50PZ950) for this assessment.

A few other prominent media streamers pack each channel they bolster into their UI, driving you to page through a ton of stuff you probably won't think about to get to what you do need. Roku gives only a couple of applications in its UI as a matter of course, and requests that you include more through its Channel Store. A portion of these establishments include a two-advance process in which you include them the Roku and afterward total the exchange on a PC, tablet, or cell phone by signing into your Roku record and composing a code that is shown on your TV. The upside to this course of action is that you see just the applications you need to utilize. Strangely, one of the channels you'll have to add is required to make utilization of the Roku's USB port.


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roku-2-xs-audit raise remote-control

The Roku 2 XS's movement control remote makes the easygoing recreations that are accessible for this stage simply more fun (while Roku overplays the way that this model accompanies a full form of Angry Birds for nothing, you'll have to burn through $4.99 to get the HD adaptation). The remote speaks with the streamer by means of Bluetooth, rather than infrared, so there's no viewable pathway necessity. Furthermore, you can control the on-screen cursor — to slingshot a furious winged animal, for instance — by waving the remote noticeable all around (especially like the controller on Nintendo's Wii). The remote has an indent on the back, into which our pointer fit normally, and its catches conveyed only the perfect measure of material input.

We're disillusioned that Roku did exclude a double band (2.4-and 5GHz) Wi-Fi connector inside the XS. On the off chance that you live in a situation that is swarmed with different remote switches working on the 2.4GHz recurrence band, and you've acquired a double band switch to get around the issue, this gadget won't have the capacity to exploit it. All things considered, you'll doubly welcome the nearness of XS's hard-wired Ethernet port (on the off chance that you would prefer not to string Cat5 link, you should seriously mull over setting up an electrical cable system).

The Roku XS is a system media player that is intended to enable you to stream various online administrations, including BBC iPlayer and Netflix, specifically to your TV. The gadget is modest, yet it renounces a portion of the highlights we're accustomed to seeing on other media streamers so as to make it as simple as conceivable to set up and utilize. Things being what they are, is there still enough on offer here to legitimize the £99 sticker price?

In the US, Roku offers four diverse system media players, yet in the UK we're just getting two of these: the low end LT display, which is evaluated at £49 and bolsters playback goals of up to 720p HD, and the highest point of-the-go XS demonstrate, which costs £99 and underpins playback of 1080p HD content. The two players are accessible only from Amazon. In the wake of having examined the US costs for these gadgets, we must state we're somewhat miffed at their UK RRPs. The XS retails for $99 in the US, which is nearer to £62.50, so Roku is including near £40 top for UK buyers. Indeed, even Apple would scoff at that sort of increase!

Roku 2 XS

Be that as it may, how about we return to the really player. The Roku XS is physically modest. It gauges only 84mm x 84mm and stands a unimportant 23mm high. Accordingly it's little enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The unit is square molded, however has adjusted corners and is done in gleam dark with the XS logo stamped in vast letters on the best. Strikingly, there's additionally a garments like tag with the Roku mark name weaved on it joined to one side hand side of the gadget.

There's no presentation on the real player, however there is a white LED light on the front that squints while the gadget is booting up and after that stays lit once it's prepared for utilize. The scope of association is somewhat restricted. The correct hand side is home to a USB port, while the back of the unit houses the Ethernet port alongside the HDMI attachment and smaller than normal jack AV yield. Here you'll additionally locate the miniaturized scale SD card space, and in addition a stick push reset catch. As you would expect, the player additionally has Wi-Fi worked in.

Dissimilar to the lower-end LT demonstrate, the XS accompanies its own Wii-style remote control that associates with the player by means of Bluetooth. Be that as it may, the XS additionally has an IR recipient, so you can utilize it with all inclusive remotes, for example, Logitech's Harmony go. In spite of the fact that the remote is movement empowered, the movement detecting highlight is utilized for amusements. When you're moving around the different menus and applications, you explore utilizing the four way d-cushion and whatever remains of the physical catch, instead of by waving the remote around like a wand.

Roku 2 XS

The first occasion when you turn on the XS, it naturally begins up its set-up wizard. This initially asks you whether you need to utilize a wired or remote association. When you select one of these, it'll at that point download the most recent programming for the player, which takes around two minutes. After a genuinely brisk reboot you at that point select your nation and locale by means of onscreen menus. After this the player shows a code on the screen that you at that point use to enlist it with the Roku site. Or maybe brazenly, amid the enrollment procedure you need to enter either your Mastercard number or your Paypal account subtle elements keeping in mind the end goal to make a record, regardless of whether you would prefer not to buy any paid-for content.
When you account has been made you select the channels – Roku's name for the different video on request administrations and amusements – that you need to add to the player. This channel list at that point gets sent to the player where they're consequently downloaded and introduced. It's an extremely easy to understand process and you can introduce more administrations later straightforwardly by means of the channel store on the player in the event that you require.

A couple of years back, Roku made a sprinkle by offering a simple, guide path for Netflix supporters of access the video-spilling administration on their TVs. It was a basic set-top box associated with Netflix, stacking your Watch Instantly line, and giving you, a chance to well, observe immediately on your wide screen television. From that point forward, computer game consoles and numerous HDTVs and Blu-beam players additionally can get to Netflix and other spilling video administrations, expelling the requirement for a different set-top box. To address this, Roku has included an ever increasing number of channels and benefits, and made its items littler and further developed. The latest gadget in Roku's lineup is the Roku 2 XS, a $99.99 (coordinate) box that offers a lot of substance, a super-little profile, and the fiercely well known Angry Birds diversion on your HDTV. On the off chance that you as of now have a gadget that can get to online media libraries it doesn't bode well, however in the event that you have a more established Blu-beam player or HDTV and need a straightforward, reasonable approach to get to Netflix and other spilling video benefits, it's a strong arrangement.

As the top of the line show in Roku's line up, the XS is fit playing 1080p substance, finish with 5.1-channel encompass sound if the administration offers it. It highlights worked in 802.11n Wi-Fi, so you don't have to physically connect it to your system (yet it has an Ethernet port on the off chance that you need to connect it to). It can play media from USB drives. Also, maybe slightest imperative yet most prominent, it comes stacked with Angry Birds. The more affordable Roku models incorporate the HD ($59.99), which just backings up to 720p video, and the XD ($79.99), which can demonstrate 1080p video. Both lower-end models do not have the XS's Ethernet and USB ports and movement controller for diversions.

Plan and Setup

While a year ago's Roku XDS ($99.99, 2.5 stars) was little, the 2 XD is absolute modest, contracting down from 1.0 by 4.8 by 4.8 inches (HWD) to 0.9 by 3.3 by 3.3 inches. The back of the gadget holds a HDMI yield, a 3.5mm jack for composite video yield, an Ethernet port, a microSD port, and the power link connector. The correct side of the XD has a USB port, and the front of the XD holds a power marker light, and that is it. There's no Power catch; the container begins up when you connect it to and as indicated by Roku it expends just 2 watts notwithstanding when playing HD video.

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The remote is a 6.5-inch wiener molded gadget with just a heading cushion, playback controls, and two extra catches on the far end. It's intended to feel like a Nintendo Wii controller, and can be swung sideways to fill in as a gamepad. The remote is radio-based, so it needn't bother with viewable pathway to the case, and highlights movement sensors so it can serve as a pointer for specific capacities, as Angry Birds.

Setup is brisk and basic, yet requires a PC and a Mastercard. Since a considerable lot of the Roku's channels are premium and cost extra cash, you have to make a Roku record and give your Visa data to Roku. A free-channel-just mode without the requirement for a Roku record or Mastercard would have been an appreciated alternative. Roku just charges your record in the event that you arrange an exceptional channel or application, and running free administrations and applications doesn't cost anything.

Dissimilar to the Editors' Choice Apple TV ($99, 4 stars) or the more strong, however clumsy Boxee Box ($199.99, 3 stars), the Roku 2 XS doesn't permit organized media sharing out of the container. It's principally a gushing media center point, giving you a chance to stack films, music, and other substance from online administrations. The USB port makes it appropriate for playing media you stack onto a USB drive, however past that it's not worked for getting to your own particular arranged media gathering. One outsider channel offers a workaround to play your own media, however it's an exceptional channel.

Many channels are accessible, including numerous that are free. The most unmistakable incorporate Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video-On-Demand, Pandora, and the other enormous name, general-intrigue motion picture and music benefits now regular on most associated Blu-beam players and HDTVs. Other free stations emerge, similar to motion picture benefit Crackle and more specialty administrations like Crunchyroll (anime), Pub-D-Hub (open area content), Kung Fu Theater (hand to hand fighting), and numerous innovation destinations' video centers, including CNET, Whiskey Media, This Week in Tech, and TED. The exceptional channels are all in or all out; the most engaging are the various games channels like, NHL MatchCenter, MLS MatchDay, and the UFC. In case you're a games fan (and those games aren't football or ball), you can drop a reasonable piece of progress on premium channels on the Roku 2 XS. Channels and applications can cost as meager as 99 pennies for a screen saver application, $1.99 for the House of Horrors channel, or $1.99 month to month for the Timeless Toons channel, and up to $20 for the Lost World narrative channel. Games channels like and MLS MatchDay are free channels, yet getting to the administrations requires isolate memberships from the destinations themselves.


Video quality is subject to both the source and your Web association. On the off chance that you have a quick Wi-Fi system and watch top notch video on Netflix, the quality will be great (yet not as fresh or smooth as Blu-beam). On the off chance that you watch more seasoned films or Web recordings, or if your Internet association is drowsy, the quality will be much lower.

Irate Birds looks and plays incredible on the Roku 2 XS. The illustrations look fresh in 1080p, and the movement controller feels exact while pointing. The controller can be turned sideways for more traditional diversion controls, showing that Angry Birds won't be the main significant amusement to show up on the Roku. Presently, the main different amusements accessible through the crate are Sudoku and other easygoing, shallow redirections.

At the point when most organized Blu-beam players and HDTVs can get to administrations like Netflix, there probably won't appear quite a bit of motivation to get the Roku 2 XS. Be that as it may, its wide choice of channels, including various games channels, and simple, straightforward set-up and interface, make it an engaging set-top box for clients with specific tastes and those with constrained specialized capacity. On the off chance that your Blu-beam player or HDTV doesn't have gushing media administrations, or if it's an Ethernet-just gadget and you need Wi-Fi access to Netflix, the $100 set-top box is a simple method to get those highlights on your HDTV. It doesn't push out our Editors' Choice, the Apple TV with its nearby arranged media highlights, however the Roku 2 XS has its own allure—and, well, Angry Birds at a similar cost.


The Roku 2 XS is an awesome media streamer — for easygoing clients, at any rate. It's to a great degree simple to set up and utilize, and it conveys the greater part of the famous administrations, including Netflix, Pandora, and Facebook. It conveys HD video with encompass sound, accompanies an awesome remote control, and you can play something like a couple of easygoing recreations on it. Bad-to-the-bone media enthusiasts, then again, will be disillusioned by the absence of DLNA bolster, the to a great degree shallow media design and codec bolster, and the failure to associate with a remote switch working on the 5GHz recurrence band.


Cerebrum dead easy to set up

Expansive scope of applications and administrations

First Roku streamer to help diversions


No DLNA bolster, so you can't stream content you possess over your system

Backings an extremely restricted accumulation of sound and video document designs and codecs

Can't mount circle pictures

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