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Nokia Lumia 830 Review


One of the last cell phones to take the Nokia logo, the Nokia Lumia 830 signals the finish of a period for a market goliath, which is presently no more. In any case, with this heritage, the Nokia Lumia 830 ought not be disposed of – rather, the outline, riding on the influxes of thin metallic casing, a PureView camera, a distinctive screen, a fast processer all consolidate to make a decent, vivid, energizing and smart experience that the Nokia Lumia 830 is.
Nokia Lumia 830 Review

The outline has been precisely arranged, is a select look and strong manufactured highlighting an incredible grasp close by. The screen glass is 2.5D, the back spreads can be traded, the camera has OIS and is featured with dark glass, and the PureView camera has a ZEISS 10MP focal point with OIS.

Extra redesigns incorporate remote charging accessible out of the case, NFC, LTE, bolster for the specific vast 128GB microSD cards, and the Windows 8.1 secured with Lumia Denim upgrades – all in a mid-evaluated item.

With such a set, there can be very much little that Nokia got mistakenly, which begins off without any changes on the chipset which have been presently going ahead as Snapdragon 400 for a long prolonged stretch of time, however we feel the superfast Windows 8.1 won't discover this a trouble.

Unpacking the Nokia Lumia 830

While unpacking the Nokia Lumia 830, you will get the accompanying inside the retail box, however we feel Microsoft ought to have incorporated a headsets in with the general mish-mash.

Nokia Lumia 830

Travel Charger

microUSB link for charging, and information availability

Indeed, even with the help for remote charging, the remote charger isn't accessible out of the crate, and must be obtained independently.


The 5 inch show on the Lumia 830 has a 720p show which is ClearBlack IPS, and has a 294 ppi, which gives out shockingly sharp show and awesome picture quality. The hues are exceptionally punchy, blacks are profound, and the review points are great – no shading and differentiation misfortune at even extraordinary edges.

The touch is supersensitive, distinguishing contacts even through gloves, something that Nokia has truly advanced as of late, and which we truly appreciate. The Color Profile alternative takes into account shading temperature, shading immersion and tint choices to be overseen by means of sliders. The splendor can be overseen utilizing three presets – low, medium and high.

The tasteful shading rendering, added with the choice to oversee immersion and white adjust improves it even. The blacks are still, not as impeccable as those on AMOLED shows, but rather are still very great. An advantage of the ClearBlack is that the reflectivity consequently diminishes, still the general brilliance which is moderately on the lower side means the daylight neatness isn't excessively incredible.


Nokia has taken out the Lumia 830 in close plan similarity to its kin, another leader conveyor, the Lumia 930, with a metallic casing, something of a standard nowadays. The 2.5D screen glass covers the front for security, bended at the edges. This bend makes the Nokia gadgets simply more unmistakable since it is a typical quality among all. The matte plastic back cover gives a decent grasp, extremely agreeable close by and is smirch safe.

The back camera is a piece of the dark glass at the back, round fit as a fiddle. The back spreads are replaceable, and are a cozy fit. The casing isn't secured by the cover however, so it remains in the first shading. The aluminum casing and plastic cover accommodate a decent hold and strong feel, and with a 5 inch show that is neither too little nor too vast for taking care of, the Nokia Lumia 830 is a decent example of how one hand cell phones with extensive presentations can be fabricated.

The Lumia 830has the 0.9MP front snapper, sensors and the earpiece simply over the ravishing ClearBlack show secured with Gorilla Glass 3, and the snapper isn't selfie focused. Under the show are the normal Windows controls, the three capacitive catches for Search, Start and Back, the press and hang on the Back catch showing the multitasking menu, while Search opens either Bing or Cortana – the essential mic is simply under the Start key.

On the sides, the left side is exposed, while on the privilege dwell the volume rocker first, trailed by the power/bolt key and the camera screen, while twofold tap in plain view can be empowered to awaken the cell phone. The 3.5mm sound jack is at the best, going with the microUSB port, with the base being exposed.

At the back is the 10MP PureView snapper with ZEISS optics, encompassed by a dark glass, with LED streak introduce in the blend – we like the manner in which the dark glass sits in the focal point of the beautiful back cover. Close to the base dwells the amplifier grille.Underneath the back cover, which is a cozy fit yet can fall off effectively, is the microSD opening which is hot-swappable, the nanoSIM, and the battery, which can be traded as well – the cell phone flaunts it can bolster cards up to 128GB.

UI and Operating System

The Lumia 830 was the primary cell phone to be discharged with Windows 8.1 and Lumia Denim out of the case - with the OS update took off to all WP8 gadgets. In the refresh 1, Microsoft includes adaptable rest cautions, envelope bolster, Cortana bolster in UK and China, among some other back end upgrades. The Lumia Denim gives an execution lift to the camera application, Moment Capture highlight, Better Glance screen, Rich Capture, and others.

To begin off, the Glance screen is back, and bolsters Bing Weather and Bing Health and Fitness applications as well – however, for this you must have these applications empowered on your lockscreen as well. The Glance screen is fundamentally an adaptation of the bolt screen, in monochrome, and the twofold tap to wake up alternative is as yet present.

The home screen is secured with the well-known live tiles, which can be resized as well, and can have foundations set as well, however, there are a few tiles that are not straightforward, loaded up with strong shading rather, which influences the foundation to picture not work so pleasantly for Microsoft. The Update 1 for the Windows 8.1 currently permits clients the capacity to make organizers toward the Start page, and utilizing them is really simple.

Another much-anticipated component is the notice focus, named Action Center by Microsoft. Access is like Android, and comparable switches and warnings are available. Notices can be expelled one by one or out and out, whichever is required. The show demonstrates four snappy access flips naturally, and these can be changed, and twofold tapping on flips that have extra settings prompts getting to the settings. All things considered, Microsoft needs to deal with this territory, as this component works with some such switches, yet for nobody else.

The notices can be altered, like the iOS. The multitasking highlight is fundamentally the same as that from iOS, suspending a large portion of the applications once the Start key is hit, and continuing them when opened back, while keeping a portion of the essential applications like the Cortana and Navigation applications open out of sight additionally, except if slaughtered physically.

The Quiet Hours mode is available this time around once more, and works its same standard enchantment. The recently discharged Files application, which takes into consideration record administration, is accessible for download from the store, and we feel it will before long be a piece of the out-of-box bundle. The Find My Phone alternative is again a piece of the discharge bundle, and has indistinguishable capacities from those on the Nokia Lumia 630.

With the IE 11 going with the Lumia 830, the ongoing improvements made in the program are additionally pulled. A portion of the changes incorporate boundless tab bolster, private perusing, passwords sparing and synchronize, bookmark and tab adjust between various gadgets, peruser mode, and support for inline recordings. Site pages can be stuck to done screens, and appear as Live Tiles, and afterward shows the most recent page see.

Microsoft Office, the best record watcher/supervisor around, is empowered for Word/Excel/PowerPoint to see and alter, and incorporates coordination with OneDrive. OneNote is additionally included as the favored apparatus for note taking, and has been made more intense than previously, permitting staggered records, sending through messages, photographs and voice reminders, and synchronize by means of OneDrive.

Microsoft incorporates the standard Calendar, Alarms, Weather and Calculator applications as a major aspect of the bundle. The News, Travel, Finance, Sports, Food and Drink applications are available. The Creative Studio application much discussed for cutting edge picture adjustments, the intuitive journal Storyteller, and the HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ applications come bundled with the Lumia 830.

Windows 8.1 incorporates the Battery Saver and Storage Sense, two new applications to deal with the Lumia 830 better. The Battery Saver shows the power utilization data, separated into by and large and application astute show, including battery use following. The Storage Sense, as the name recommends, tracks the capacity, and can be arranged to indicate what things are put away where.

Programmed refreshes for applications are currently a piece of the Store, and it very well may be pre-set utilize just by means of wi-fi or portable information arranges too for this reason. Updates can be physically check as well.

The Microsoft reaction to partners has turned out by the name of Cortana, which is great at voice acknowledgment, and can assist ordinarily amid the day at various occurrences. The entirely not too bad in execution. The voice acknowledgment is great, and support in various zones is constantly helpful. In spite of the fact that not exactly near the Google Now, it functions like Siri, perceiving sound orders and inquiries, giving voice criticism. The Cortana should be customized in the begin to work better by means of settings marked Notebook – these are portioned into Interests, Reminders, Quiet Hours, Inner Circle, Places and Music Searches. Cortana can help track news, discover eateries, plan trips, in addition to other things. Updates are incorporated, so you bear in mind vital gatherings, and updates against areas, contacts and critical individuals.

Essential mobile phone capacities like messaging, calling, arrangements administration, note taking, alert setting, music play, route and pursuits can be overseen as well, and flipping amongst settings, and answers to basic inquiries, activity status, delays in transport or prepares, and so on. Cortana can likewise, on your sake, make outsider applications do activities, such as calling a contact by means of Skype – at present, just Skype, Facebook and Twitter bolster this, yet more are certain to take after.

The word acknowledgment is momentary in Cortana, and exactness has been taken up a considerable amount towards a decent level. Cortana still needs to play make up for lost time with Siri and Google Now since they both have a conventional head begin, yet with the pace, we feel it will before long get up to speed – the accessibility in different locales and dialects will likewise give it a major lift.

The People Hub application is the focal area for all correspondence with various contacts over numerous records, keeping all correspondence together – it incorporates social updates, Rooms and Groups. This incorporates visits and messages, so that is constantly useful. A Me choice is available to show your own updates and related data from over the online life as well.

The Lumia 830 keeps up the in-call execution at a decent level. The sound is boisterous and clear, with no flag gathering issues at all. The amplifier additionally scored nicely, and however not among the louder ones, it beyond any doubt makes missed calls being no issue.

An intriguing alternative which is an expansion in the Windows Phone 8.1 is the Skype catch in the in-call screen, which changes over the call into a Skype video visit – naturally, this works just when the two gatherings have Skype and web network.

The Messaging has the extra highlights to see the contact's full subtle elements and also Mute alternative, which incidentally squares receipt warnings of all correspondence from that sender, however the correspondence will in any case be put away against the sender in the string. The correspondence contains, notwithstanding messages, internet based life messages, Skype/Windows Live messages, across the board put. The console on the Lumia 830 presently have the extra component of Wordflow - a swype-like choice to enter message in a smooth motion, without the need to lift your fingers.

The bland email customer accompanying the Lumia 830 is likewise truly OK, a solid entertainer and has cluster activities, look and strung presentations, alongside the capacity to connect numerous records together.

The Photo Hub gets a makeover moving far from the magazine-like UI favoring the conventional Windows Phone like look, with three pages, All, Albums and Favorites – no compelling reason to clarify these with such names. Programmed reinforcement is accessible to OneDrive once it is empowered from Settings, and it gives 15GB free, and extra 3GB for each gadget on which this component is empowered. Other sharing choices incorporates Bluetooth, informing, email, Facebook, and other online life.

The music play is a similar quality entertainer that was available with the Nokia Lumia 630, with great sound quality, standard association and alternatives for equalizer. The player still does not bolster FLAC.

The video player as well, is same as that on the Lumia 630, with a similar design, restricted captions bolster, unfit to help MKV and AC3, however Dolby Virtual Sound and Dolby Dialog Enhancer choices are available.

A RDS supporting FM player is available on board the Lumia 830. Speaker play is conceivable, however headset, is required for this situation since it likewise functions as a recieving wire.

The Lumia 830 likewise has the considerable scores when associated with an outer intensifier – clean sound with great volume – superior to all non-HTC rivals, the extent that we can tell. Connecting to earphones takes up the crosstalk, as is typically the patter, and recurrence decays as well as does the volume, yet the quality stays great.


The Lumia 830 accompanies the much discussed 10MP PureView Carl Zeiss focal point camera with OIS for the two recordings and pictures, that can take pictures of up to 3520 x 2640 goals. The OIS enhances low-light imaging, as it has a slower shade speed.

The interface of camera is the Nokia Camera application renamed to Lumia Camera (because of the Microsoft obtaining of the division) which was available with the as of late discharged Lumia 630 as well – the interface is commonplace and natural, with the essential settings of presentation settings, white adjust, center, screen speed, ISO, and modes. The pictures that we caught were of premium quality, with awesome hues, culminate presentation, and great detail, without any deformities discovered, nor were there any issues with the core interest. The clamor is still there, even in not too bad light, however the handling has been made more develop and gives out fresh pictures. The sharpness at corners is great, however the white adjust here and there enters the yellow and green ranges excessively, yet for the most part it is great. Imaging should be possible in both the 16:9 and 4:3 modes, with the 16:9 ones turning out in 3840 x 2160 (8.3 MP), and the 4:3 coming to 3520 x 2640 (9.3 MP).

The Lenses are still set up as well, with the default focal points going with the Lumia 830 being Bing Vision, Vine and Twitter modes – an extensive rundown of extra focal points, both free and paid, are available on the Store, including, Cinemagraph, Panorama, Refocus and others.

The video recorder gives video catch at 1080p at 30fps, with a bit rate of 19Mbps consistent.The sound is AAC double channel at 256Kbps, and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 sound account can be activated as well, which takes up the channels to six, under the AC3 codec with a bitrate of 384Kbps.

The interface is relatively indistinguishable to that of the camera. The white adjust is modifiable, so are the settings for manual center, Audio bass channel can be overseen, either killed, or somewhere in the range of 100 and 200Hz. The 200 Hz catches the best sound, however it is most likely more qualified for shows or clubs and so on.

The execution is entirely useful for the recorder, like the case with the snapper, as is normal from a PureView camera. The detail, even in not very great lighting is great, with conventional detail, white adjust and complexity are great, and the hues are pleasantly delivered. The OIS decreases the flimsiness in accounts to a base, influencing the chronicles to look significantly more smooth, the panning is additionally a checked change from that on the Lumia 735.

Handling Power

Nokia as common has brought into play its favored processor, the Snapdragon 400 into the overlap. The processor is Cortex A-7 quad-center, performing at 1.2 GHz, with Adreno 305 (the standard bundle for most Nokia Windows Phones) and 1GB of RAM.

As far as CPU, designs and memory testing, the Lumia 830 was by and large in the scope of the cell phones which are Snapdragon-400 fueled, which is lower and lower on the scale each day. Indeed, even the program, Internet Explorer was no match to its opposition, any semblance of Chrome and Safari, in the versatile division – despite the fact that, all things considered, the distinction is not really unmistakable.

The general execution of the Lumia 830 ends up being really smooth, however, and with tolerable scores, regardless of whether there are zones that could additionally be enhanced, as the Lumia 830 was not the highest priority on the rundown, not that it at any point was focused to be that, accordingly. The Windows 8.1 is super-quick and gives an elite affair, without any issues, including the Office Suite and a portion of the extremely famous diversions.


Discussing the network in the Lumia 830, the cell phone covers the fundamentals like GSM, 3G and furthermore the LTE. The LTE offers 150 Mbps downlink.

The cell phone has Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS together with GLONASS and wi-fi, hotspot. NFC is accessible, making sharing simpler, and backings the Wallet application for buys, and if NFC labels are to be dealt with, an application for that can be downloaded too from the Windows Store.

Remote media gushing to TVs, screens or projectors should be possible as an extra element, while the web sharing permits sharing of substance by means of a predefined id and secret word as a telecaster to a select gathering. The back board is remote charging empowered, so just a charging plate is required for charging.

Battery Life

The 2,200 mAh battery allocated with the Lumia 830 can drive the cell phone for just about 15 hours on talktime as standard as 3G is worried, with web perusing and video playback both coming in the scope of 10 hours pretty much.

The Lumia 830 can continue 68 hours, which means more than over two days if on a hour each for calls, perusing, and motion pictures.


The Lumia 830 we see, may get blended response from the market when set against imposing rivalry from showcase because of a few disadvantages, a couple of which are recorded beneath:

No headset, which is amazing

The chipset has not been refreshed, taking the Snapdragon 400 as the most loved for Nokia

Would it be a good idea for me to Have to Buy the Nokia Lumia 830?

The Lumia 830 is one of the last arrivals of the widely acclaimed Nokia, which is before long to wear the Microsoft mark in its place. In any case, the Lumia 830 manages to give the Nokia mark a not too bad and merited send off. takes after on the strides of the Lumia 520, with comparable organizing as far as reasonableness and to some degree the outline too. Obviously, Nokia would trust that the Lumia 830 takes after the Lumia 520 as far as deals as well. The plan, we should state, looks better with effortlessness, with a slight reviving, while at the same time being natural and flawless in the meantime – and the back spreads give sufficient shading choices.

The Nokia Lumia 830 is the effectively valued leader that Nokia is depicting it as. The considerable execution, cooked to some extent by part by the equipment and somewhat by the super smooth Windows 8.1 – a firmly constructed body with a metallic casing, defensive glass covering and matte complete back. The show is 5 creeps of tasteful IPS show which has ClearBlack, and the Snapdragon 400 processor to keep things in line. What's more, how might we overlook the 10MP ZEISS focal point providing food snapper which likewise has OIS. Nokia will be pleased with the cell phone they have turned out with.

The Lumia 830 positions Nokia pleasantly in the market, satisfying its potential, as we knew that it could. With the last arrival of the Nokia line, this cell phone is definitely not desolate, with clear and brilliant hues that we are acclimated with seeing from Nokia. In any case, regardless of whether the sun has set on the brand named Nokia, its heritage will continue as before – solid, all around recorded, and exceptionally acclaimed. We should simply perceive how Microsoft assumes control and approaches the heritage.

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